Brooking RayZR 8 Head Lightstick (12-24VDC)

Brooking RayZR 8 Head Lightstick (12-24VDC)

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Razor thin and lightweight and the next big thing, the RayZR is easy to work with and accommodates just about every need. Weatherproof light-stick is razor thin and lightweight, so it can be put anywhere using several different bracket options. Keep the rear window clear with our Ford Interceptor specific pod that mounts to the top of the rear spoiler with double-sided body panel tape for a quick easy OEM look. 


  • Push bumper
  • Rear deck 
  • Rear headliner
  • Rear spoiler of Ford Interceptor Utility 
  • Frame rails
  • Side windows 
When used on the frame rails, traffic patterns can be utilized to direct traffic around an accident scene. 

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